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Analog Current Modules | Voltage Rescaling Modules

TheARM is an analog rescaling module which accepts an analogvoltage or current and rescales it to another voltage or current.Several preset ranges are jumper selectable. Trimmer potentiometerscan then be used to make fine adjustments on output rangesfor maximum flexibility.

The ARM can attenuate an input signal to 100%. The ARM also has an adjustable gain and offset. The output gain can be adjusted anywhere from 1 to 25 times the input. The offset of the output can be adjusted anywhere from ± .25 to ± 20 volts.

The ARM also has the ability to reverse a signal. The ARM also has a regulated DC power supply output to power sensors. By using voltage divider applications, the ARM can also accept a resistance input.

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Analog Current Transducers | Analog Voltage Transducers

TheATL accepts an analog voltage or current input signal andcontrols four relays. Each relay has an adjustable trip pointwhich is set by a multi-turn trimmer potentiometer. Each relayis activated when the input signal is equal to or greaterthan the trip point setting.

The relays deactivate when the input signal is less than the trip point. Common (C), Normally Open (NO) and Normally Closed (NC) terminals are available at each relay. The ATL has LED indicators for power and for the status of each relay. By using voltage divider applications, the ATL can also accept a resistance input.

Typical applications for the ATL include alarms, sequencers, level indicators and environmental controls.

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Pulse to Analog Transducers

The PTA converts a single pulse-width modulated input to an analog current or voltage output. There are two LED indicators that designate signal and power. A timed contact or solid state closure from the controlling microprocessor controller is converted to a linear analog output with 256 steps of resolution.
The last output signal is held until the PTA receives the end of the next pulsed input signal. The PTA's output will not wrap around if an excessively long input pulse is received. Eight preset analog output signals are DIP switch selectable. In addition, the gain and offset potentiometer offer maximum user adjustability of the output signal. The input signal is optically isolated and can accept either positive or negative polarity.

Some applications of the PTA include variable speed pump drives, pulse to analog transducer, variable frequency fan drive control, digital to analog conversion, signal isolation, and electric actuator control.

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Voltage to Resistance Transducers

The ETR is used to interface any resistance controlled device with a generic control system. The applications may include:
• Electric Actuator Control
• Resistive Sensor Simulation
• Chiller Stage Control

The ETR accepts a generic Analog Output signal (voltage or current) and provides variable resistance output as a simulated potentiometer. The board performs 64 step approximation with about 1.5% output resolution. For high output accuracy the ETR’s resistive array utilizes a number of 1% precision metal film resistors. Their unique configuration allows for over 4 Watts power dissipation.

The ETR is equipped with a Local Override feature that allows for manual output control. Output status is indicated by 6 LEDs in an easy to follow binary code. The input current loop, the Local Override mode and the processor status are also indicated by LEDs. As an option, the board may be equipped with a ‘fail-fail-safe’ relay that will transfer the output to a backup controller when the power is lost or a processor malfunction is detected.

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Our products include temperature, pressure, humidity & climate instruments for sensing, controlling, recording and indicating; as well as wind speed & direction systems, RTD elements, smokehouse probes & custom built RTD, thermocouple and thermistor temperature sensors, temperature transmitters/transducers, thermowells, moisture meters, signal conditioners, power supplies, air quality & gas monitors..

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