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ThermowellsWe specialize in supplying low cost brass Thermowells from stock with 1/2" NPT process connections and bore lengths of 4", 6" and 8". Whether you need one thermowell or hundreds, these brass Thermowells are stocked for immediate delivery. We also stock and supply 304 and 316 stainless steel Thermowells to your specification.

Thermowells we manufacture for the energy management industry in large quantities on high speed NC machines. This allows us to offer these Thermowells at excellent prices while maintaining the quality & tolerances you expect.

Thermowells are recommended to protect both the operator and the temperature sensor. The proper thermowell will reduce the possibility of damage to the temperature sensor due to corrosion, pressure or the flow of abrasive or viscous media. In addition a defective instrument may be removed without shutting down or draining the process. These stock thermowells have 1/2" process & instrument connections with a 0.260" bore. Thermowells with other dimensions and materials are readily available on order.

Brass Thermowells are usually chosen for applications measuring water temperature or steam at moderate temperatures and pressures. In these conditions they provide good protection and corrosion resistance. Because brass is readily machined and less expensive than stainless steel these are our most economical thermowells.

Stainless Steel Thermowells are chosen for higher temperatures or pressures or where corrosion could be a problem. Our standard 304 stainless steel thermowells have excellent resistance to mildly corrosive atmospheres and can withstand higher pressures and temperatures than brass. For more severe applications we provide 316, Monel and Inconel Thermowells to order

304 stainless Thermowells are more expensive than brass but less expensive than 316 stainless steel. It is a corrosion resistant material, used extensively in food, beverage and chemical processing where good corrosion resistance is required. Type 304 is especially suited for all types of dairy equipment - milking machines, containers, homogenizers, sterilizers, and storage and hauling tanks, including piping, valves, milk trucks and railroad cars. This alloy is equally serviceable in the brewing industry where it is used in pipelines, yeast pans, fermentation vats, storage and railway cars, etc. The citrus and fruit juice industry also use Type 304 for their handling, crushing, preparation, storage and hauling equipment.

316 stainless Thermowells are the answer for severe environments. There are many industrial processes that require a higher level of resistance to corrosion than Type 304 can offer.  For these applications type 316 can withstand corrosive attack by sodium and calcium brines, hypochlorite solutions, phosphoric acid and the sulfite liquors and sulfurous acids used in the paper pulp industry. This alloy is specified for industrial equipment that handles the corrosive process chemicals used to produce inks, rayons, photographic chemicals, paper, textiles, bleaches, and rubber.

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