Large Format Space Air Temperature Sensor

Large, Format, Space, Air, Temperature SensorNew High Ventilation Design has ventilation slots 50% larger than some competitors allowing more air to flow past the sensor providing faster response and more accurate readings.

Our new two piece construction is more convenient to install than the the older three piece construction still used by some suppliers. Our ABS plastic molding is
fire retardant.

We mount the sensing element and a "Phoenix" terminal strip securely on a circuit board.

NTC Thermistors are the most sensitive sensors from -50C to +150C with temperature coefficients as high as several percent per degree C. This means
that lead resistance has minimal effect on system accuracy. Our standard thermistor has a 10K resistance at 25C and a tolerance of +/- 0.2C. Other
calibrations and accuracies are available.

Platinum RTD's are the most stable temperature sensors between -50 and 400C. They show almost no calibration drift with time. Their stability, wide
temperature range and almost linear output make them the choice in demanding applications. Our standard RTD uses a 100 ohm thin film element to
DIN 43 760 (IEC 751) with a tolerance of 0.3 deg C. We also supply 1000 ohm and wire wound elements.

4-20mA Transmitters using 100 ohm RTD’s are available in the same housing when RTD’s have been specified for use with a panel that will not accept
RTD’s directly. For this choice change the TS designation in the order number to TT and specify the range.

Time override is available with our optional tactile feedback push button which is mounted under the decorator plate. A simple closure can alert the DDC to begin time override operation
for the particular zone. More complex customer specified circuitry can be supplied on request. Specify option TOS.

Local Setpoint override is available with our integrated slide potentiometer. This provides a variable 1 to 11K resistance signal at built-in terminals. A DDC panel could change the setpoint by +/-3 degrees dependent on the resistance value. Specify option SS.

Operating Temperature The plastic housing of these sensors limits their maximum operating temperature to 80C.

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