Platinum Chip SMD Temperature Sensor

ThermowellsThese Pt 100 and Pt1000 SMD temperature sensors now have galvanic tin plated with nickel barrier solder connections.

Compared with styles using connecting wires the SMD temperature sensor is particularly rugged and intended essentially for automatic insertion in large-scale production.

Its platinum temperature sensor characteristics including long-term stability. interchangeability without recalibration and excellent reproducibility of electrical properties suit it to many applications.

It is suitable for surface and environment temperature measurement on circuit boards as well as for temperature compensation.

The platinum SMD temperature sensor must not he used without protection in a humid environment.
Platinum SMD temperature sensors are supplied in tape and reel packaging for automation assembly.
Small quantities can also be supplied loose.

Technical Data

Tolerance: Class B (0.3 + 0.005 *tabs) C, alpha = 0.385 ohms / C to DIN EN 60751 according to IEC 751
Processing: Reflow or wave soldering (soldering temperature 235 deg C / max time 8 sec)
Measuring Current: 100 ohm 0.3 mA to 1 mA Self-heating:
0.4 degC / mW for 1206 format
0.8 degC / mW for 0805 & 603 formats
Response time: (water 0.4 m/s, air 2 m/s)
water t0.5 0.15 sec t0.9 0.30 sec for 1206 format
air t0.5 3.5 sec t0.9 10 sec for 1206 format
water t0.5 0.10 sec t0.9 0.25 sec for 805 & 603 formats
air t0.5 2.5 sec t0.9 8 sec for 805 & 603 formats
Stability: max R0 drift 0.06% after 1000 hr (250 hr-603) at 130C
Packaging: face-up tape and reel

Data Sheet

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