Special Purpose Industrial Temperature Sensors

General Purpose Industrial Temperature Sensors Large Version

This is the all purpose model for general heavy duty industrial or commercial temperature measurement.

It features a large threaded cast aluminum head with gasket. Electrical connections are made through the 3/4" NPT female opening suitable for piping or standard electrical fittings. The standard process connector is 1/2", although 3/4" NPT is available if specified at order time. The standard sheath is 1/4" O.D. stainless steel and other sizes are available to special order. The sheath length must be specified at order time.

The standard assembly is rated for measuring temperatures up to 200ºC. 400ºC and 600ºC versions are available to special order. We use a thin film RTD sensor to DIN 43 760 or IEC 751 or wire wound if requested.

Thermocouple versions cover temperature ranges to even higher values. We offer standard thermocouple versions of J, K, T and E with others available.

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General Purpose Industrial RTD Temperature Sensors Small Version

This is the all purpose model of our Industrial RTD Temperature Sensors line for general light duty industrial or commercial temperature measurement.

Industrial RTD Temperature Sensors features a small threaded cast aluminum head with O-ring seal. Electrical connections are made through the cable gland with rubber grommet.

The standard process connector is 1/4", although 1/2" NPT is available if specified at order time. The sheath is 1/4" O.D. stainless steel. The sheath length must be specified at order time, although 4" and 6" lengths are normally available from stock.

The assembly is rated for measuring temperatures up to 200°C and uses a thin film RTD sensor to DIN 43 760 or IEC 751. This same construction is available in thermocouple versions if required.

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Oil-Seal Temperature Sensors

Our oil-sealed model has been designed specifically to monitor bearing temperatures. An integral oil-seal prevents leakage. The spring loaded sheath ensures rapid heat transfer to the sensor.

A large threaded cast aluminum head with O-ring gasket is standard. Electrical connections are made through the 3/4" NPT female opening suitable for piping or standard electrical fittings.

Flexible Design By using different bushings, nipples, sheath lengths and sensing elements this oil seal temperature sensor can be configured to meet most bearing temperature applications.

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2-Wire Economy Hockey Puck Transmitters

Temperature Transmitter, "Hockey Puck" style fits directly in the head of an RTD temperature sensor offering several advantages over a plain sensor.

Temperature Transmitter wiring is simplified since the lead resistance of the wires connecting the sensor to the control system can normally be ignored. Installation and start-up is simple and the signal can travel over long transmission lines without interference.

Temperature Transmitter 2-Wire Economy RTD Hockey Puck is programmable it can be re-ranged from your PC's desktop.

Now get the accuracy and flexibility of a programmable Temperature Transmitter at analog transmitter prices.

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Isolated Programmable Temperature Transmitter Hockey Puck Style

Isolated programmable temperature transmitter is the one you need to stock for all your maintenance needs.

Isolated Programmable temperature transmitter can be programmed using your PC and the available software for any one of 7 RTD or 13 thermocouple types or customize the calibration to fit none standard transmitter outputs. The output signal can be inverted and can be programmed to be linear with temperature or linear with resistance or mV input.

Isolated Programmable temperature transmitterfeatures include a 7mm central hole for easy spring loading of 1/4" tube, insulating barriers between terminals to prevent shorts and a captive cover on programming pins to keep them clean.

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Temperature Transducers

The TT-R-100 is used to convert a platinum RTD temperature sensor to a 4-20 mA signal to interface with your energy management panel. The output is proportional over a selected span.

The resistance change of the RTD passes through a bridge to the amplifier and is converted to a proportional d.c. current in the output stage. The output current is controlled through a feedback circuit and thereby becomes independent of load. A diode protects against reverse polarity. This technology is field proven and has been capable of withstanding rigorous environmental chamber testing while retaining linearity without damage.

This technique produces a very reliable system with good accuracy at an excellent price.

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Smokehouse Temperature Sensors

We have continually refined the design of our smokehouse insertion or core temperature and wet/dry probes with the help of smokehouse operators and installers.

The stainless probe is threaded and sealed into the Teflon handle for ruggedness and moisture sealing. The stainless steel spring reduces wear on the lead wire as it exits the handle.

The 316 stainless steel sheath and white Teflon handle and connection cable are ideal for food service.
Since intermediate connections between the sensing element and the temperature recorder or controller can be a major cause of failure we build our probes with leads long enough to run directly to the recorder or controller.

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Thermowells are recommended to protect both the operator and the temperature sensor. The proper thermowell will reduce the possibility of damage to the temperature sensor due to corrosion, pressure or the flow of abrasive or viscous media. In addition a defective instrument may be removed without shutting down or draining the process.

These stock wells have 1/2" process & instrument connections with a 0.260" bore. Wells with other dimensions and materials are readily available on order. We manufacture our thermowells for the energy management industry in large quantities on high speed NC machines. This allows us to offer these wells at excellent prices while maintaining the quality & tolerances you expect. We stock brass and stainless steel wells in 4", 6" and 8" lengths for immediate delivery.

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Temperature Sensor Wire

We stock a large variety of wire suitable for manufacturing and extending the leads of thermocouples and RTD’s. Examples of our most popular types follow. Please ask us for the type that you require if it is not shown.

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Thin Film Platinum Temperature Sensor

The PC1.2004 sensors feature long term stability and precision over a wide temperature range. They are used in industrial, food processing and medical applications and because of their economy they are often used in applications requiring large quantities of sensors such as HVAC, automotive and energy generation.

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Platinum Chip SMD Temperature Sensor

These Pt 100 and Pt1000 SMD temperature sensors now have galvanic tin plated with nickel barrier solder connections.

Compared with styles using connecting wires the SMD temperature sensor is particularly rugged and intended essentially for automatic insertion in large-scale production.

Its platinum temperature sensor characteristics including long-term stability. interchangeability without recalibration and excellent reproducibility of electrical properties suit it to many applications.

It is suitable for surface and environment temperature measurement on circuit boards as well as for temperature compensation.

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Comparision of Thermistors, Thermocouples and RTD's

From a physical point of view, heat is a measure of the energy contained in a body due to the irregular motion of its molecules or atoms. Just as a tennis ball possesses more energy with increasing speed, so the internal energy of a body or gas increases with increasing temperature. Temperature is a variable which together with other parameters such as mass and specific heat describes the energy content of a body......

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