Fuji PXR Series Digital Temperature Controllers

Fuji PXR Series, digital temperature controllers, temperature controllers, 1/32 DIN, Fuji PXR3, 1/16 DIN, Fuji PXR4, 1/8 DIN, Fuji PXR5, 1/4 DIN, Fuji PXR9, fuzzy logic controllersThe PXR series comes in several sizes - 1/32 DIN, 1/16 DIN, 1/8 DIN and 1/4 DIN. Besides the standard features including auto-tuning and fuzzy logic, they also come with self-tuning. This innovative feature automatically retunes the controller under certain conditions without the need to revert to auto-tuning.

The standard 8-segment ramp/soak feature has been expanded to include two patterns that can be linked to create a 16 step profile. The PXR accepts temperature and process inputs and offers a choice of three kinds of outputs to meet a wide variety of process requirements. Low cost options include dual outputs, programmable alarms, remote setpoint, RS485 communications, analog retransmission, digital input, timer function, heater burnout alarm and 24V AC/DC supply voltage.

Other features include a large LED display and a NEMA 4X (IP66 equivalent) faceplate that is watertight and corrosion resistant. The easy to use 3 button keypad allows easy programming. The rear screw terminal makes connection easy and eliminates the cost of extra sockets. The PXR3 (1/32 DIN) can be DIN rail mounted with an optional adapter.

Remote monitoring of up to 31 controllers at a time is possible with the RS485 option that uses the industry standard Modbus protocol. The communications option comes with our free Windowsbased software PXR-LITE which allows programming the controller from the PC and viewing realtime data and a trend graph while logging data into a text file.


Technical Data

  • Inputs: RTD- PT100; Thermocouples: J,KR,B,S,T,E,N,PL2

  • Current/Voltage: (0)4-20 mA, (0)1-5VDC (250 ohm shunt resistor included)

  • Display: Two 3 1/2 digit LED displays which can be programmed in Fahrenheit or Celsius for temperature sensors.

  • Outputs: Numerous options: for both Control Outputs: relay contact output; SSR or SSC drive output; 4-20 maDC ouput; Triac 1A, 250 VAC and additionally Retransmission (4-20 mA DC) for second Control Output Multiple Alarm options

  • Power Supply: Standard (100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz) or 24 V AC/DC (50/60 Hz)

  • Details: Download data sheet for full details of specifications, options and ordering codes


PXR Series Data Sheet
Fuji PXR3 Controller Manual
Fuji PXR4, PXR5, PXR9 Controller Manual
Fuji PXR Controller MODBUS Protocol
Fuji PXR3 Installation/Wiring Instructions
Fuji PXR4 Installation/Wiring Instructions
Fuji PXR5, PXR9 Installation/Wiring Instructions
Fuji PXR Controller ASCII Protocol
Fuji PXR-LITE Controller Software Manual
Fuji PXR-LITE Controller Software
PXR Series Prices

CO2, Monitor, Controller, AirSense, Model 310
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