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Digital Temperature Controllers Fuji PXR Series

The PXR series comes in several sizes - 1/32 DIN, 1/16 DIN, 1/8 DIN and 1/4 DIN. Besides the standard features including auto-tuning and fuzzy logic, they also come with self-tuning. This innovative feature automatically retunes the controller under certain conditions without the need to revert to auto-tuning.

Fuji PXR Series Digital Temperature Controllers

PXR3 1/32 DIN Fuzzy Logic Temperature Controller

PXR4 1/16 DIN Fuzzy Logic Temperature Controller

PXR5 1/8 DIN Fuzzy Logic Temperature Controller

PXR9 1/4 DIN Fuzzy Logic Temperature Controller


DCS 4000 Waterless Tobacco Curing Controller

The DCS-4000 tobacco curing system controller is a state of the art control system that gives you the precise control needed to cure a quality leaf.

The digital display on the DCS-4000 includes time controlled temperature and humidity indicators as well as an automatic advance rate capability.

The DCS-4000 tobacco curing system controllers can be upgraded to allow communication with your iPad or PC. Once the available hardware and software are added, you can monitor and control kilns remotely from the comfort of your home or anywhere the internet is available.

For the last 30 years Enercorp has built temperature controllers, sensors and indicators used in tobacco kilns worldwide.

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Pallet Sterilization Controllers

The EIL3000P Pallet Sterilizers and Pallet Sanitizers automatically control the complete sterilization process. The well thought out display makes it easy for the operator to know the operating conditions at all times.

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Drying, Cooking and Curing Controllers

The EIL3000 controls the temperature and humidity during a batch drying, curing or cooking process. The well thought out display makes it easy for the operator to know the operating conditions at all times.

The three displays and seven led indicators let the operator see at a glance the operating conditions. Changing setpoints is as easy as holding down the button to the right of the displayed variable while pressing the up or down arrow keys.

The operator can set the start and stop temperatures as well as the ramp rate in degrees / hour by pressing one button and the up or down arrows. The elapsed time of the process displayed by pressing the hours button.

It can be programmed as either a ramp and soak or delta T controller.

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Enercorp Instruments Ltd is a Manufacturer of Temperature, Pressure & Humidity Instrumentation. Used for Industrial, Food Processing, Climate Monitoring & Energy Management Applications.


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Our products include temperature, pressure, humidity & climate instruments for sensing, controlling, recording and indicating; as well as wind speed & direction systems, RTD elements, smokehouse probes & custom built RTD, thermocouple and thermistor temperature sensors, temperature transmitters/transducers, thermowells, moisture meters, signal conditioners, power supplies, air quality & gas monitors..

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