Why Choose Enercorp: Not All Sensors Are Created Equal

With the experience gained from 21 years of manufacturing sensors for the demanding industrial and meteorological markets, Enercorp has created a series of quality Energy Management sensors.

Our goal has been to design into these sensors the long term reliability and accuracy expected of industrial sensors while employing mass produced components and volume production techniques to achieve costing required by energy management customers.

Site replacement of failed sensors can be very expensive and relying on data from inaccurate sensors can be even more costly. Enercorp has taken the decision to design in reliability and accuracy even if this adds to the development cost because we believe this will result in the lowest long term system cost and most trouble-free operation.

If you've ever installed a duct sensor you'll appreciate our hinged cover and single captive screw design. If you've dropped the mounting screws and had to go back down a ladder to find them or set the cover down and misplaced it in construction debris you may refuse to use anything else. We think about cost and ease of installation.

Have you ever had the buiding engineer mad at you when you took his glass thermometers away so you could use the thermowell for the DDC system? Take a look at our pipe sensor with LED readout. You get your choice of DDC sensor and he gets a bright beautiful degital readout. That 's win/win. When using these old thermometer wells our adaptor bushings and brass sleeves make the job simple and professional.

These are just some examples of how we try to make our sensors the best value on the market. When you compare our "apples" to the other guys "oranges", take a look at some details the other guys may have left out:

  • Enclosures: Our hinged covers are easily closed with one captive screw. Slots for transmitter boards and recesses for field labelling are incorporated. Some competitors provide screws in a separate paper bag and leave transmitter boards dangling from the case by their leads.

  • Fully Assembled: Our sensors are assembled when you receive them. Some competitors provide a sensor, a case, a cover, and a bag of screws unassembled and let you do the work.

  • Sheath Closure: The end of our sensor sheaths are TIG welded with 316 stainless steel to provide continuous unbreakable protection for our sensing elements. Some competitors glue a plug into the end of their sheaths. If this plug vibrates loose the sensor may fail.

  • Sensor/Lead Connection: Enercorp solders the delicate sensing element legs to a miniature circuit board and then solders the lead wire to the same circuit board. This eliminates all strain. Some competitors connect lead wires directly to the sensing element. If this junction is strained during construction the sensor could fail prematurely.

  • Certification: Enercorp supplies all humidity instruments with a NIST traceable certificate at no extra charge. Most competirors charge significantly for this service if available at all.

  • Status Monitoring: Our new D225 current operated switch is factory set to switch whenever current above 1 amp is flowing in the line being monitored. No field adjustments are necessary. Just plug and play. Some competitors products take longer to install because they must be field adjusted.

  • Calibration: All our I/P transducers are individually calibrated for both voltage and current inputs. Some competitors have no provision for voltage calibrations.

  • Air Quality: Our air quality sensors are calibrated, interchangeable and offer 0-5V,0-10V and 4-20mA true transmitter outputs, while being fully scaleable and configurable from an inexpensive hand held programmer. Some competitors have none of these features.

Which Sensor? Thermistor, RTD or Thermocouple


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Enercorp Instruments Ltd is a Manufacturer of Temperature, Pressure & Humidity Instrumentation. Used for Industrial, Food Processing, Climate Monitoring & Energy Management Applications.


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