Ultrasonic Anemometer from Enercorp Instruments Ltd

Ultrasonic AnemometerMeasure temperature as well as wind speed and direction.

The Ultrasonic Anemometer 2D is designed to detect the horizontal components of wind speed and wind direction as well as the virtual temperature in two dimensions. Due to its very short measurement intervals, the instrument is ideal for the inertia-free measurement of gusts and peak values.

In certain weather situations the accuracy of the air temperature measurement (virtual-temperature) surpasses that one of the classic method where the temperature transmitter is used in a weather and thermal radiation shield.
The measured data are available as analogue signals and as a data telegram over a serial interface.

The sensors instrument as well as the instrument body are automatically heated so that the measuring results, in case of critical ambient temperatures, are not affected by ice, snow or rainfall.

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Ultrasonic Anemometer from Enercorp Instruments Ltd
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