First Class Wind Transmitter

First Class, Wind TransmitterThe First Class wind transmitters are designed to evaluate the location and capacity of future wind power systems. The anemometer measures the horizontal component of wind speed and the direction transmitter detects the horizontal wind direction. The measured value from each is available as a digital signal at the output.

The rotation of the carbon-fibre reinforced plastic cup star on the anemometer, is scanned opto-electronically and converted into a square wave signal. The frequency of this signal is proportional to the number of rotations. The measured value is available as a digital signal output.

The light weight, aluminum wind vane runs on ball bearings and through magnetic coupling to an integrated potentiometer provides a directional signal that is friction free. Available signals include resistance, mA, V or digital.

These signals can be transmitted to display instruments, recording instruments and data loggers as well as to process control systems. For winter operation the instruments are equipped with electronically regulated heating, whichguarantees smooth operation of the ball bearings, and prevents the shaft and slot from icing-up.

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First Class Wind Transmitter
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