Classic Wind Direction Transmitter

Classic, Wind, Direction, TransmitterPrecision wind direction measurement

The low-inertia light metallic vane and opto-electronic pick-up combine to give a sensitivity of only 0.5 m/sec (1.1 mph). An electronically regulated heating system keeps the ball bearings and rotating parts frost and ice free down to -35°C (-31°F). The instrument is rated for 60 m/sec (135 mph) and 80°C (176°F). The Classic is ideal for process plants required to measure wind.

Standard analog outputs connect easily to data aquisition systems

The wind transmitter is used for the registration of the horizontal component of the wind velocity. The measuring value will be placed at the output as analog signal. The signal can be given to display instruments, recording instruments, datalogger as well as process wise systems. The wind transmitter is equipped with an electronically regulated heating system in order to prevent ice and frost from the ball bearings and the outer rotation parts (please refer to instrument models).

Power supply unit provides the transmitter and the heating system with current. It is advisable to attach a Lightning rod in areas with considerable lightning activity.

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Classic Wind Direction Transmitter
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