Pulse To Analog Transducer

Pulse To Analog Transducer,Pulse,Analog,TransducerThe Pulse To Analog Transducer converts a single pulse-width modulated input to an analog current or voltage output. There are two LED indicators that designate signal and power. A timed contact or solid state closure from the controlling microprocessor controller is converted to a linear analog output with 256 steps of resolution.

The last output signal is held until the Pulse To Analog Transducer receives the end of the next pulsed input signal. The Pulse To Analog Transducer output will not wrap around if an excessively long input pulse is received. Eight preset analog output signals are DIP switch selectable. In addition, the gain and offset potentiometer offer maximum user adjustability of the output signal. The input signal is optically isolated and can accept either positive or negative polarity.

Some applications of the Pulse To Analog Transducer include variable speed pump drives, pulse to analog transducer, variable frequency fan drive control, digital to analog conversion, signal isolation, and electric actuator control.

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