Analog Transducers, Current, Voltage

Analog Transducers, Current Transducers, Voltage TransducersThe ATL accepts an analog voltage or current input signal and controls four relays. Each relay has an adjustable trip point which is set by a multi-turn trimmer potentiometer. Each relay is activated when the input signal is equal to or greater than the trip point setting.

The relays deactivate when the input signal is less than the trip point. Common (C), Normally Open (NO) and Normally Closed (NC) terminals are available at each relay. The ATL has LED indicators for power and for the status of each relay. By using voltage divider applications, the ATL can also accept a resistance input.

Typical applications for the ATL include alarms, sequencers, level indicators and environmental controls.

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Analog Transducers, Current, Voltage
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