Duct Air Temperature Sensors from Enercorp Instruments

Duct Air Temperature Sensors, Enercorp InstrumentsEasy to install with hinged cover.

We have engineered our duct probe to ensure long life, rapid response and to prevent heat loss from leaks.

Duct Air Temperature Sensors are mounted using PC board technology to eliminate strain on the sensor leads, increasing reliability. This assembly is potted in heat transfer compound to provide rapid response and protection from vibration.

Our Duct Air Temperature Sensors molded case with hinged cover is easy to install. The cover is fastened with one captive screw. Provision is made for a front identification tag. The back is completely smooth so it fits flush against the mounting surface. Circuit board slots inside are designed to accept a 2-wire transmitter if required.

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Duct Air Temperature Sensors from Enercorp Instruments
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