DCS 4000 Waterless Tobacco Curing Controller

De Cloet, DCS 3000, Tobacco Curing System Controller, Tobacco Curing System, Tobacco Curing Controller, Tobacco, Curing, System, ControllerThe DCS-4000 tobacco curing system gives you the precise control needed to cure a quality leaf.

The digital display on the DCS-4000 includes time controlled temperature and humidity indicators as well as an automatic advance rate capability.

The DCS-4000 tobacco curing system controllers can be upgraded to allow communication with your iPad or PC. Once the available hardware and software are added, you can monitor and control kilns remotely from the comfort of your home or anywhere the internet is available.

For the last 30 years Enercorp has built temperature controllers, sensors and indicators used in tobacco kilns worldwide.

For more information on the DCS-4000 tobacco curing system controller please contact us anytime.

DCS 4000 Features | Auto Cure Manual | Remote Control Manual | Advance & Hold Manual


Enercorp Tobacco Curing System
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